Frequently Asked Questions

December 2008

About Goldendoodles: 


What does a Goldendoodle look like?


Why would someone choose a Goldendoodle over a pure-bred?


Isn’t a Goldendoodle just a mutt?


How large will a Goldendoodle get?


Is a larger dog harder to handle?

What is F1 and F1B mean? What does Standard mean?



About our puppies and dogs: 

What sort of dogs do you use to breed your Goldendoodles?


What health testing do you put your dogs through?


What nutrition and veterinary care will the puppies receive before they are sent home?


How long before the puppies can go home?


How much do your puppies cost? What does that include?


Do I have to spay/neuter my puppy?


Will my puppy need grooming?


Are your puppies hypo-allergenic?



I'm looking for an adult Goldendoodle. Do you ever have any available?


Does it make a difference which parent is the Golden Retriever and which is the Poodle?


Do you breed mini-Goldendoodles?


Do you sell puppies for breeding?

Will you ship puppies?